Why Bravura Locks are a smart choice for your home

Posted on December 17, 2014 by Steve Brady


SOLID FORGED BRASS: Bravura locks are made from solid forged brass. A process that heats the brass just to the point that it can be forged in a press. Forging allows less air to incorporate the brass giving you a heavier, stronger product with a cleaner surface to apply the final finish. Unlike other products that cast their brass by melting it and pouring it in to a mold leaving small air pockets in the brass that weaken it and leaves pinholes in the final product. 

KNOBS AND LEVERS THAT CAN'T COME LOOSE: Bravura knobs and levers are attached with a "C" clip from the backside of the trim plate that can't come loose. Other manufacturers use a set screw to hold the knob or lever on that can work their way loose over time which leaves you repeatedly tightening the set screw. Pre installed knobs and levers make installation faster and easier.  Never deal again with loose or falling off knobs or levers.

SPLIT SPINDLES: Bravura uses a split spindle to connect the lever or knob to the latch. This means that each side of the door works independently so that the knob or lever on the other side of the door does not turn when you open the door, only the one in your hand. This makes for a smoother action and feel when operating a Bravura lock and allows the lever or knob to operate by rotating in either direction unlike some less expensive lever locks.

TELESCOPING MOUNTING TUBES: Bravura Forged Brass Locks have long mounting tubes to allow perfect alignment of the mounting screws to the threaded receivers when installing the lock. Simple and fast installation.

SQUARE ALIGNMENT BARS: Bravura Forged Brass Locks have square alignment bars that surround the latch. These bars keep the lock from turning in the opening when installing the lock. This simple improvement keeps you from damaging the surface of your door as you install and keeps the alignment secure once you have tightened everything down. Simple and fast installation.

POSITIVE STOPS: Bravura locks have a forged positive stop to keep the handle or knob from turning beyond its intended rotation. Unlike some locks that use a spring stop that can break when over stressed.

TEST PROVEN LATCHES: Bravura latches have been tested to last beyond 230,000 cycles. That is approximately 50% more than our leading competitors. A high usage lock can be turned as much as 20 times a day. That means your Bravura latch will hold up for more than 30 years of heavy use. Bravura latches are also a fixed backset instead of an adjustable backset. Even though you need to specify the backset when ordering this is essential for a long lasting smooth working latch. Adjustable backset latches just don't last.

NO WRONG STRIKE PLATES: All Bravura locks are shipped with both square corner and radius corner strike plates in a matching finish. Mortised latches are shipped with both square corner and radius corner trim plates.

1-3/8 OR 1-3/4" DOORS: Bravura locks ship with mounting screws for both 1-3/8" doors & 1-3/4" doors. Contact Brady Sales & Marketing if you have a door thicker than 1-3/4" that you want to order a lock for.

LIFETIME MECHANICAL WARRANTY: Bravura Residential warranty warrants all mechanical parts against defects in material and workmanship for the life of the product.


There is something elegant about the feel of solid, forged-brass that can't be duplicated. Heavy, strong and comfortable in your hand. Skilled artisans hand-finish each lever, knob and trim to a luxurious finish that is both beautiful and durable.

Start inspiring your home today!

What you should know before ordering locks

Posted on September 16, 2014 by Steve Brady




  • Passage: No locking function - typically used for closets
  • Privacy: Push-button inside to  lock - emergency access hole to unlock from outside - typically used for bedrooms and bathrooms.
  • Full Dummy: No latching mechanism - surface mounts to one side of the door. Full Dummy includes knobs or levers for two sides of a door or for one side of a pair of doors. Full Dummy's ship with a left and a right of handed levers unless you specify otherwise. Dummy knobs/levers are used on doors with no bore- typically used for doors with roller catches or ball catches.  


  • Satin Nickel - US15 (5 year finish warranty)
  • Oil Rubbed Bronze - US10B  (1 year finish warranty) - Oil rubbed bronze is a living finish and changes patina with use. 

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Backset: The distance from the edge of the door to the center of the face bore.

  • 2-3/8" (60mm)
  • 2-3/4" (70mm) 

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Latch Type: 

Drive In Latch: For doors with a 1" hole bored in the edge and no mortise. 


Mortised Latch: For doors with a 1" hole bored in the edge and also a mortised edge for a finish plate.

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Interior Lock Handing: Determines the correct direction of a curved lever for your door. Handing is only needed on handles with a curved design. Not needed for straight handles or knobs with the exception of the Telluride - Custom Tall Trim Plate Series - All Telluride with levers straight or curved require handing.




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Interior Dummy knobs/levers:A full Dummy is two pull knobs with trim plates that screw to the face of an unmachined door. They do not turn or function in anyway. Typically you use dummy knobs on a door that has roller or ball catches.

Dummy handing is different than handing for passage/ privacy locks!


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Exterior Lock Handing: Exterior door lock handing for both Inswing doors and outswing doors shown below


Exterior Left Hand Inswing 


Exterior Right Hand Inswing


Exterior Left Hand Outswing


Exterior Right Hand Outswing

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Anatomy of a Bravura Lock

Posted on January 20, 2014 by Steve Brady

Take a look at the finer details of a Bravura lock: 

Bravura Hardware has all the features you are looking for along with a lifetime mechanical warranty.